Anti-anxiety journal

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After a speedy sell-out on its original release, we’re excited to announce the return of our printed anti-anxiety journal, featuring 68 pages of insightful articles and supportive tools to help you get to grips with, and combat, the stress in your life.

Broken down into three areas, we’ll guide you through spotting the stress and what’s impacting you most, through to effective tools and techniques to address this, as well as transformative methods for introducing ongoing calm and mindful moments into your days moving forwards.

Highlights include:

  • Trigger tracking diary to home-in on the cause of your distress 
  • Deep dive journaling prompts to gain self-awareness
  • Stop shame spirals in their tracks
  • Learn how to recognise ‘thoughts’ from ‘facts’
  • Spotlight on panic attacks and recovering from the aftermath
  • Create your personal de-stress toolkit
  • Discover beneficial breathing techniques
  • Empowering affirmation cards you can cut out and display

If your worries are starting to feel overwhelming, or your stresses are taking over your life, Happiful is here to help. Your anti-anxiety journaling journey starts now.

*Please note this product can only be shipped to the UK

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