Happiful Magazine | September 2018 | Issue 17

Happiful Magazine | September 2018 | Issue 17

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September issue of Happiful magazine is here, and this month we're asking the question: "What are you doing for others?" So sit back, grab a cuppa and flick through an inspiring mix of features including:
– Lucy Watson on her life-long relationship with counselling, and bringing veganism to the masses

– The truth about Hypnotherapy: what really goes on in the therapy room?

– Managing mental health and learning to leave a role on the stage with Dreamgirls’ Moya Angela

– An expert guide to spotting the signs of Passive Aggression 

 Learn how to eat healthy without breaking the bank with Dale Pinnock

– Our 10-step guide to going Cruelty Free

 How Lady Gaga put the ‘pokerface’ to one side and started talking MH
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